From Possibility to Probability...

My name is Gloria Ramirez and as an Independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant I can take you from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability...

My life is a living demonstration on how we can create a life of infinite possibilities. I have been able to break free from countless limiting beliefs that created broken relationships and financial challenges in my life. I have moved from not believing in myself and my abilities to embracing my gifts and now sharing them with others in my teachings and coaching. I have created a life of peace, joy and prosperity. I know that if was able to break through old paradigms, anyone can do it. The work I love to do is to assist you to awaken your genius within.

I am a Motivational Speaker, a Seminar Leader, an Interfaith Minister, a Healer, and a Success & Spiritual Coach. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). I am also a member of internationally renowned motivational speaker, Les Brownʼs Platinum Speakers Network. I am the founder of Glorious Being Center, a 501 (c) (3) exempt organization and a ministry devoted to bringing healing to people through the power of unconditional love. I am the President of Inner Power, a fast growing educational company that empowers people around the world to discover their potential to express their greatness through seminars, lectures, healing and coaching.

As a Life Success Consultant, my mission is to empower you to discover, embrace and share your gifts and talents, so you can fully express the magnificent being that you are. I am committed to supporting you in creating transformational and tangible results in your life. As you discover yourself, you will realize that you also have the power to take your life to amazing new heights. I have the gift of being able to see greatness in people and to help them to masterfully awaken their inner power to embrace your greatness.

Right now, you're standing on the brink of your possibility. It's time to seek out your destiny. It's time to see and achieve one goal after another with a clear-headed and confident stride ... no matter how big you might think that goal to be.

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to find out how to give that glorious mind of yours the life-changing invitation it deserves.